Vitamin for nursing

NewbornYou breastfeed? Pick up maintenance of your regime, pick up exceptional vitamins complexes for nursing mothers. If you are going to decorate breast-feeding, the specialist will advise what combination of vitamin will help a child correct cope with the transition to a adult diet. Treat so a tonic to a assistants. Of the all, you possess one goal - the newborn was healthy.Vitamin for childrenSources of vitamins for infantsVitamins for children from 2 years   Baby service. Same posts:Calendar of child developmentBabyUpkeep of a baby. GipolaktatsiyaBabyChild. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Nine-month newborn

NewbornAt nine weeks, a child sits properly without support, move, creeping along a toy. Rises in response to the outstretched arms to him, walks mitt in support, takes small subjects with both hands.Mimics a actions of some newborn, communicating with gestures.If you give the kid sticks, and show them how to bang on the desk, pipsqueak will imitate your actions. How well he will love spoons hitting every other.A baby in a first nine weeks of playing rightly in "ladushki," "Give the handle," etc., and to a question "where?" And a want to "give" easily finds a desired item.Knows his name and responds to it. Knowing the name of loved ones, a names of a surrounding objects, the pictures shows pictures of animals.Bright displays positive and negative emotions, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.Identifies and prefers him popular with a business.Ninth 30 days - the perfect time to start painting, sculpture, music lessons, where the newborn will demand a simple but independent action.A ninth 30 days - the 1-st milestone on the way to the "isolation" with the mom. At this age a child appears interested in other people, he begins to feel its ability to communicate with them, at least passively - by observing your activities. Not for nothing, psychologists recommend to apply this time for the following important "innovation":Weaning, if you are not going to nourish to the point where a kid just forget size "Sis" in TWO-TWO.5 years;Hiring a nanny or introduction into a family of another, until an unknown person for newborn upkeep and constant communication with the newborn, if you're going to go to work;Start visiting group of early development or club for moms with kids;Do not forget that a horse-drawn carriage through the shady alleys of a park it is time to replace a playground. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a child. May a nursing mum eat ripe bananas

ChildCan I breast-feeding mother ripe bananas, so good (or useless) for herself and for her child? Let's deal. Natural-feeding is very great in the life of mom and baby, because at this time of a baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of a digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, a child does not have enough enzymes to digest food faster, however - his mum need be particularly attentive to a diet, particularly if the baby is fed only warm milk her. Because the issue of whether a nursing mother to eat medium bananas, the answer is conditionally good. It is possible to, but in extremely little amounts, how it is quite heavy fresh food. Many pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain with eating medium bananas until a child is 2-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Cooking Lessons

NewbornOf course, you care of a lustiness of the newborn, try to feed him only helpful and freshly prepared foods. However, a intention of "eating rightly" in relation to a newborn has a number of features. Babies's dishes keep their own laws.Boiled or steamed raw vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a small amount of h2o differ rich taste, and consistency of a tender. Besides, when such processing is perfect preserved vitamin. In no case did not saute, even dressing for bisque or borscht.Without saline and cane sugar in all foods enjoy approximately of these organic ingredients, however teach your newborn to a organic tasting. But we can safely append to the bisque or puree - however it's a small bit of oil. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Problems with breastfeeding

NewbornIt is momentous to solve a problems with lactation right away, so soon arise.Nipples are sore, cracked or bleed. Mild pain is ordinary at first, but severe pain or irritation - frequently a sign of improperly position while feeding the child. Master the way of proper feeding, and in addition:1st, let's less painful breasts;Earlier you take away the chest, put a fingers on the corners of a newborn's mouth;Warm milk is sufficient healing, so squeeze out a small milk to the nipples following feeding and let it very dry;Do not Carefully wash a breasts with soap and aqua is sufficient.Chest swell. This is ordinary 'tween a third and fifth time after birthday - how the breasts produce milk. A swelling should subside in a day or two because of frequent feeding, but also:Put a warm compress on a warm before feeding to stimulate a outflow of milk;If a chest is too tightly Decant approximately natural milk fresh pump or by hand, until it becomes softer - otherwise a child will not be able sucking thoroughly;If pain or swelling strong and you enjoy a fever, seek medicinal attention immediately, it may be a sign of mastitis.Milk itself is leaking. This is rule, a body adapts to lactation. Читать полностью -->

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