Newborn. The material building of the child at 6 weeks

BabyTeach a newborn to raise and lower a handle. For this plant a child in the high chair and, lowering his hands down, ask: "Are you high?" So lift a arms above your head and say, "Here's what I'm lovely!" Soon a kid himself will play with you in this game.Kids love to listen to a cheerful songs and poems while sitting on his lap at mum or dad. You were especially amusing songs with a "surprise." The baby anticipates in progress what to expect at the end of the song, and signs to smile or laugh. Such a response indicates a gradual strengthening of memory.Attach the back to the front of the cot plastic rings. A kid will seek to grab them and pull himself forward. In a warmer months leave with the baby on a street and in a put where there is a small slope, spread a blanket on a grass. Place a crumbs on the blanket and holding, help him to bowl along complete some minutes.Construction of a baby under one yearCalendar of baby development: 6 monthTests of baby construction: 4-6 weeksCalendar of child construction: 7 30 daysBaby 7 weeksCalendar of child evolution 57 monthNewborn is 58 monthsChild 9 weeksInfants 10 weeksNewborn 11 weeksChild 12 weeksGrowth of a newborn under 1 yearCalendar of baby development   Attention of a child. Similar posts:Mothers. Finger gymnastics. A growth of fine motor skillsBabyBreastfeedingBabyMassotherapy infantChild.

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