Baby care. When will disappear "defects" in the child?

ChildFeatures of the child When and what will substitute?Skin eyes newborn:At birthday, most often blue 0.5 a year will have a permanent colorSix weeks later, strabismus childrenSwelling and redness of the eyes baby a few times later giving birthArms and legs babies:Cyanotic feet and fists in a child will pass, it is worth a some runThe feet are wrapped inside with the help of massotherapy will go to 1 yearA feet turned outwards with a help of massotherapy will go to 1 yearMuscle hypertonicity child With a help of massotherapy will go to 1 year  Upkeep of a newborn. Like posts:Congenital hypothyroidism in infantsChildNewborn. May a nursing mother persimmonChildMassage infantNewborn.

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  • Moms. When will disappear "defects" in the child?
  • Upkeep of a child. Cooking Lessons
  • Dining nursing mum: chief principles
  • Child. Vitamin for nursing
  • Service of a child. Problems with breast-feeding
  • Dining nursing mom: main principles
  • Child leaving. Fluff on newborn skin
  • Child. Lactation Mom alcohol is banned